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* All Seat Covers Come With a FREE Cover for the Back Cushion*

(example: The L-Shape comes with 4 Seat Covers and 4 FREE Back Covers)

Revamp Your Living Room with Our Stylish Sofa Covers


So much goes into picking the perfect couch for your home. How much does it cost? Will it fit? Is it comfortable? There’s no reason to go and buy a new couch every 2 years after you get tired of that “perfect” match. 

It just makes sense

SofaSkins can be used to complement or contrast with the existing colors in your room, and can also be easily changed out to refresh the look of your space. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your furry best friend ruining a cushion when they have that “I must scratch something” urge.

Mix & Match

There’s no limit to the amount of color schemes you can use to bring a room to life with SofaSkins. We have provided a few options for people that prefer to mix things up a bit, and plan to continue to bring you even more colors in the future!

Using SofaSkins

Give your couch a new look

Prevent damage from pets

Make Your Room Pop

Easy to clean, Dust-Proof

Hide any damage


Large Single Seat Cover

Length: 21.6in-35in Width: 21.6in-35in

Large Double Seat Cover

Length: 39.3in-49.2in Width: 21.6in-35in

Large Triple Seat Cover

Length: 49.2in-61in Width: 21.6in-35in